Burgenlšndische Gemeinschaft PICNIC-2001

Vor dem Ereignis des Tages

Before the big event
The big moment is near Now it is official

Gerry Berghold, Dr.Walter Dujmovits, Governor Hans Niessl

Gerry Berghold and Governor Hans Niessl

Gerry Berghold

Like JFK:

Ich bin ein Burgenlšnder

A Burgenlšnder is born Two VIPs at one place

Dr. Walter Dujmovits, Gerry Berghold and Erwin Weinhofer

Dr. Walter Dujmovits and Gerry Berghold


Let me rest a little bit, sit down by my better half!!

After the Picnic in a newspaper

Gerry, Molly, Mrs. & Mr. Schuch, Mrs. & Mr. Zalka, Heidi Gerger

Gerry Berghold and Albert Schuch

Gerry Berghold and district administrator Verena Dunst

Photos by Heinz Koller & Herbert Rehling

And now to complete different
Cantus Felix

S stoahoate Brot

 edited at 02.23.2006 by Johannes Graf