in der Geschichte seiner Häuser
eine Studie über die Entwicklung von Wallern
in der Zeit von 1683 - 1914

in the History of its Houses
a Study about the Development of Wallern
at the Time from 1683 to 1914

Pater Josef Graisy  (biography)

Title Page & Forward

Houses 1-58
(Pages 1-68)

Houses 59-123
(Pages 69-135)

Houses 124-194
(Pages 136-205)

Houses 195-250
(Pages 206-255)

The Old House Numbers of Wallern (pages 256-258)
How Wallern has Grown (pages 259-261)
From the Chronicle of Wallern (page 262)
The Mayors/Judges of Wallern (pages 263-265)
The Ministers of Wallern (page 266)
Teachers in Wallern (page 267)
Who is When in What House? (pages 268-273)
The Municipalities of the Neuseidl am See District (page 274)

House Surname Index*
* This index shows house numbers (not book pages) associated with each head-of-house Surname; it is not part of the original text.

- pages by J. Graf & T. Steichen