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Wallern, Valla in the History of Its Houses
A Study about the Development of Wallern in the time from 1683 to 1914
by Father Josef Graisy

This book was original written by typewriter, with 279 pages. Some pages have no number, others have 2 (a & b). Some of the pages have been translated, so appear as normal text rather than GIF images. Every HTML page contains 20 book pages.

HTML - in English (partially)
Special Pages in English
PDF-Originals in German
How to use the book:
First look at the "Houselist" to find a related surname, then go to the "House No"- pages to search for the exact person
           S.d. Georg = son of Georg       --------------     T.d. Michael = daughter of Michael

Pages 001-070 House No. 1-58

Pages 071-140 House No. 59-123
Pages 141-210 House No. 124-194 Pages 211-280 House No. 195-250
Houselist Old-New Street Numbers

by Johannes Graf