Maps of Hungary that relate to Burgenland
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Empire, 1830
Ethnicities, 1910
Hungarian Megyék
Military Mapping Surveys of Austria-Hungary, with
Cadastral and
Google Map Layers
Note: These are  2 or 3-layer maps, with modern "Base" maps underneath as a guide, then the Military Map, and sometimes, the Cadastral maps on top, which are the most detailed and only appear as you zoom in close to an area.

First Survey: 1763-1787; Second Survey: 1806-1869; Third Survey: 1869-1887

Set the opacity level to under 20% (Click on "Options" and then use slide control at right of the "Historical" military map name) to allow the underlying modern base map to help guide you to your area of interest. Set it to 100% to see the details in the upper layers. Click "Options" again to shrink the options box.
3rd Military Mapping
Survey of Austria-Hungary
[Sheet format, published 1910]
Moson Megye
Sopron Megye
Vas Megye

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