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The Ancestral Archaeologist The Burgenland Bunch has this area covered, and I mean covered. Liz Haigney Lynch 2010-04-19 2015-05-24 aev
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Austria Genealogy Databases Austria. State of Burgenland, Austria House Lists,
Austria. Surnames Being Researched By The Burgenland Bunch
Jerry C. DeKeyser ec_info(at) 2011 2012-09-18 ts
email sent, 1st request

Austrian Austria Web Links Directory The Burgenland Bunch Genealogy Group Webmaster webmaster(at) 2011-05-09 2015-05-24 aev

Austrian Donau Club Burgenland Bunch Bob Wolf rwolf9851(at) 2010-09-03 2015-05-24 aev

Austrian Genealogy Pages Use Burgenland GenWeb by Alan Varga,
Hosted by Burgenland Bunch,
The Burgenland Bunch
Charles Wardell cwardell(at) 2014, 2015 2015-05-24 aev,,,

Austrian Information Burgenland-Bunch Wolfgang Renezeder, Editor-in-Chief Email form Summer 2010 2015-11-08 aev
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The Brasenhill Genealogy Blog Burgenland Bunch Genealogy Larry Worrilow lworrilow(at) 2010-12-20 2015-05-24 aev

Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender Burgenland Bunch,
Burgenlaenders Honored and Remembered (*)
Frank/Eleanor Zach bdb(at)
2013-05-26 2015-05-24 aev

Burgenland Bunch Midwest Burgenland Bunch Homepage: Charlie Deutsch charlie.deutsch(at) 2010-11-06 2015-05-24 aev

Burgenländische Gemeinschaft "Burgenland Bunch" +
multiple links
Klaus Gerger Klaus.Gerger(at) 01'2010 2013-05-25 aev

Familia Austria (German only) Burgenland 1545 - 1952 House Lists Village Age Renate Fennes aktuell(at) 2012-09-11 2012-09-18 ts
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Genealogia Hungary Ausztria-Burgenland / BURGENLAND GENEALOGY SOURCE Vásony Tamás tamas(at) 2007-02-24 2010-11-01 ts
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Genealogy Links Burgenland Village House Lists,
Burgenland Bunch Surnames
query(at) 2015 2015-05-24 aev
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RadixHub URL of datasource: BB Villages page János Bogárdi janos(at) 2008-04-12 2010-11-01 ts
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Robert Loerzel's Burgenland Genealogy BURGENLAND BUNCH WEB PAGE Robert Loerzel loerzel(at) 2012-04-30 aev
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Univ. of Minnesota Family History Resources Additional Groups -> German-speaking -> The Burgenland Bunch Genealogy Group Cindy Herring herri003.nikles(at) ihrc(at) 2014-05-29 2015-05-24 aev

U.S Austrians Burgenland Bunch Guenther Edelsbacher updates via direct signon 2010 2015-05-24 aev

Wikipedia Burgenland Burgenland/External Links -> The Burgenland Bunch Genealogy Group editing by anyone qualified 2015-05-02 2015-05-24 aev

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