Birth, Marriage and Death Records

This database is courtesy of various BB members who have transcribed vital records and contributed them to the BB. Copyright remains with the contributor. Clink a link in the table below to access that village's records.

Dedicated to Austrian-Hungarian Burgenland Family History

Catholic Church Records

Village Births Marriages Deaths
Kondorfa 1855-1895    
Krobotek 1828-1860 1800-1895 1828-1895
Moschendorf 1783-1895 1789-1923 1788-1895
Sankt Kathrein 1804-1895 1804-1905 1804-1895
Sankt Michael 1828-1895 1828-1895 <pending>
Szent Péterfa 1681-1925 1683-1934 1682-1906

Lutheran Church Records

Village Births Marriages Deaths
Kukmirn 1828-1895 1828-1895  

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